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Jaworek School PTO Event Summaries and Chair Responsibilities
Event Name Chairperson
Art Show Ayako Barnum
Bake Sales Martha Curley & Jodi Mellberg
Basket Raffle Kris Finocchario
Bingo Night Angela FitzDaniel, Beth Stanhope & Alison Shelales
Bosterthon Fun Run Gabrielle Miller
Box Tops Monica Crozier
Cultural Arts Program Gabrielle Miller & Amanda Julian
Grade 3 Volunteer Coordinators Courtney Leith and Rebecca Doran​
Grants Katie Fiore
Jaworek Journal Editor Ayako Barnum
Jaworek Scholarship Jessica Rosenau & PTO Board
Ice Cream Social Steve Abramowitz​
KidStuff Coupon Books (canceled)
Library Volunteer Program Ayako Barnum & Jenn Rose
Pasta Dinner Night Jamie Ullery
Pasta Dinner Advanced Tickets Sales Kris Finocchario
Price Chopper Tools for Schools Shelah Coullard
READ Coordinator Emily Horrigan & Courtney Leith
Read-A-Thon (canceled)
Sal’s Pizza Night (canceled)​
Scholastic Book Fair Jen Hobin
Scoops Ice Cream Day (canceled)
Science Night Kelly Wagoner &a Katie Chapman​
Scrips Gift Cards Valerie Eagles
Silent Auction Kate Fiore & Tanya Manning​
Sky Zone Night Courtney Leith​
Spirit Wear Ayako Barnum & Martha Curley​
Square 1 Art Kathy Gakis
Stop & Shop A+ Rewards Jessica Rosenau
Teacher Appreciation Week Jessica Culkin, Courtney Leith and Gabrielle Miller
Teacher Wish Lists Ayako Barnum
Write-A-Check Campaign Jamie Ullery

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon:
This is usually held during the week of the first day of school to welcome back teachers. The coordinator is responsible for ordering food and drinks and setting up the service tables for teachers and staff.
Fall Fundraiser – Write A Check:
This is a new-approach fundraiser for the school. The fall fundraiser has typically brought in close to 50% of the revenue for the PTO. 2010-2011 was the first time the write a check campaign was held. The event is expected to run for about a month, and the details of the event is evolving at this time.  The chair is responsible for recruiting volunteers to help with promoting the event through all types of media including back pack mail, website, email, etc. Also for collecting all donations and coordinating with the treasurer.
Square One Art:
This is a fundraising activity which highlights artwork created by the children of Jaworek. It is run early in the school year. Parents can buy their child’s artwork on a variety of items like coffee mugs, mouse pads, note cards and more. The coordinator works with the art teacher to have the children express their inspiration on special paper provided by Square One Art. Then the art work is sent to the company. The company sends back a magnet sample of each child’s art along with an order form and catalog. The coordinator is responsible for placing the orders, setting up a pick-up night and reconciling any discrepancies.
Scholastic Book Fair: 
The Book Fair is the PTO’s second biggest fundraiser. It runs twice a year in the Spring and Fall and is approximately 2 weeks in duration including set-up, 5-6 days of classroom visits, one family night event (either theme-driven or simply a night for families to come shop) and breakdown.  Planning needs to start approximately 6 weeks in advance of each Fair. A Scholastic representative will help decide which books to send and then will have them delivered in cases on the specified day that then open up and transform the teacher workroom into a bookstore.  A Committee will be needed to work on decorations, copying, family night, daily coverage, One for Books (A Scholastic program that they fully explain), and the Classroom Wish List (when teachers pick out books that they hope parents will purchase to expand the classroom library). There are probably 10 different flyers associated with the Fair that will need to be collated and distributed at different times. Scholastic has a great website that contains almost all the information needed to run a Fair. They also offer workshops that not only give you great ideas but also give you Scholastic “dollars” towards free books. The flyers are the same year to year with the dates and clip art changed.   Scholastic has both an in-house Scholastic rep. and a field rep. to help the Chair. Jaworek always has 2 Fairs because the PTO gets 10% of total sales from the second fair in free books that it then uses to expand teachers’ libraries and fulfill Wish Lists.
Movie Night:
Movie Night occurs one time per year for one night lasting approximately 3 hours for the actual Event plus extra volunteers for before and after. This Event occurs in November. It includes a free movie and popcorn plus sales of pizza, a bake sale, and raffle baskets.  Planning starts about 6 weeks in advance and includes picking out a movie, getting a movie license, and getting a committee together to focus on each part of the Event. This Event drew 350 attendees last time and needs at least 20 volunteers for that night.
Read, Explore And Discover is a program to encourage reading in school age children throughout Marlborough. The committee is responsible for buying the books, promoting the event to the children, and distributing a new, free book to every child in the school. These events take place three times during the year. A fourth distribution, unique to Jaworek School, takes place in the spring. An age-appropriate book based on the summer reading list is distributed to the children in each of the grades.

This event will typically be held in the month of January and just started during the 2010-2011 school year with great success.  Students are invited to seek sponsors for reading minutes logged and fill out log sheets to be submitted weekly.  The students collect money at the end based on their actual reading activity logged and awards are may be given for most minutes, most books and total amount.

Halfway Cafe:
This is an event where families can go out to dinner and the PTO receives a percentage of what is spent at this restaurant. The chair is responsible for getting the notice out in backpack mail about the event.
Game Night:
This is a combination community builder/fundraiser. Gamewright provides the games that families play and they are also available for sale. All games cost between $5 and $15. The chair is responsible for the building and use form and recruiting volunteers to run the game tables and for selling the games and collecting the money. PTO receives 50% of sales.
Sprit of Giving:
The Spirit of Giving works to support many children in need of new clothing such as winter coats, underwear, socks, hats mittens, gloves, etc. You may also send in gift cards from local clothing & department stores. Donations are deposited in the ”Spirit of Giving” box located in the School lobby or given directly to the school nurse. The nurse distributes items to those children & families in need.  Flyers are to be sent home periodically via Back-Pack-Mail as reminders. Individuals may also contact the school nurse with any questions on how to help less fortunate families in our Jaworek community.

Teacher Wish List:
This event benefits individual teachers. In November the Chairperson contacts all the teachers asking what items they would like to receive during the holiday season. The previous year’s list is provided so the teacher may add/edit as needed. The Chair then generates a list for each classroom that is sent home with a note that there is no obligation to buy but that it may be helpful to those who wish to purchase an item and don’t know what to get. Items often include ongoing needs, specialized needs for classroom projects and gift cards. Volunteer time is spent in November/early December for this event and much may be done via e-mail. 
Worcester Sharks:
This is a community building event in which the Jaworek community is offered discount tickets to see a Worcester Sharks hockey game in January. Jaworek students are invited to sing the national anthem at the game. Volunteer is responsible for advertising the program, coordinating tickets sales, and working with the Worcester Sharks organization to coordinate the singing of the nation anthem.
Science Night:
Science Night is a community event held at Jaworek School in February or March. This event brings families together to experiment with various types of science activities. Activities have included basic chemistry, physics, and life sciences. Most experiments are found by volunteers on websites including “ZOOM”. The coordinator of this event enlists help from parent volunteers to be in charge of topics for discovery at science night and to put together a list of desired materials. There are left-over materials in the cabinet in the basement at Jaworek.  In the past, various Girl Scout troops and NHS volunteers (6-10) have also helped parent volunteers at their tables. The volunteer chairperson is responsible for organizing other parent volunteers (5-7) and helping choose their experiments as well as procuring materials. In 2009, there were 6 facilitated stations in the café, hallway, gym, and music room and two more self discovery stations in the hallway. In the past, The Junior Women’s Club contributed a monetary donation. A bake sale is also held (in the lobby). Admission is free and about 200 people attend.
Pasta Dinner Placemats:
Advertising space is sold to go on the placemats used during the Pasta Dinner. A letter goes out to local businesses in February and the placemat is designed and printed prior to the event.
Pasta Dinner:
This is an annual event that is very popular with the Jaworek community. In addition to dinner, there is a 50/50 raffle and a DJ for the kids. Third-graders have the honor of acting as waitstaff and believe me, the second-graders can’t wait!  Tear-off sheets at the bottom of the flyers announcing the event are used to get the necessary volunteers. Third-graders are used as waitstaff to clear and reset tables throughout the night. 
Jaworek Scholarship:
Each year the PTO funds and gives out a scholarship to a senior graduating from Marlborough High School or Assabet Valley Regional Tech who attended Jaworek Elementary School. A notice is sent to the high schools informing them of the scholarship. Applications are collected. A committee of teachers and parents is formed to review the applications and choose the recipient. The guidance counselor is then notified of the winner. The winner is notified during the graduation ceremony.
Multi-Cultural Night:
This is a community building event where the PTO works with the school to highlight the cultural diversity of the Jaworek community. The coordinator “gathers” volunteers to set up tables with posters and items from their particular country. Often performers are invited to showcase dance styles and music from different parts of the world.  There have also been donations of food from many restaurants downtown.
Ice Cream Social:
This is a community, family event. The ice cream social is held in conjunction with the art show, art auction and basket raffle. The ice cream is purchased and price is determined by cost. Beginning in 2009-2010 a lower cost provider (Scoops Ice Cream) enabled this event to also be a fundraiser. Tickets are sold at the entrance to the cafeteria. Patrons exchange tickets for the cup of ice cream.  People are needed prior to the event to assist with getting the correspondence out to the parents about the upcoming event. The night of the event, volunteers are needed to sell tickets for the ice cream. Teachers and staff are recruited to scoop ice cream. A building use form must be completed for the night of the event. The cafeteria is reserved for the ice cream. Three 6 or 8 foot tables are needed for serving the ice cream. Cafeteria tables need to be open in the café for families to sit at and eat ice cream.
Student Art Show:
The chair person is responsible for working with the art teacher and getting the grade level art work mounted and hung in the corridors. Room parents are used to assist in this process. This event takes place on the same night as the Ice Cream Social, Basket Raffle and Art Auction.
Art Auction:
This event is run in conjunction with the basket raffle, ice cream social and student art show. Each classroom creates an art project that is auctioned off during the ice cream social. The chair works with the teachers to be sure that they have all the supplies they need and that the projects are finished about a week to two weeks before the event depending on whether the piece needs to be framed or not. Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Tulley like to be asked to play auctioneer and Vanna. The chair is also responsible for collecting the money and getting it to the treasurer. One or two additional volunteers are needed to help in setting up artworks on the stage on the afternoon of the event and also to help in giving out artwork and collecting payment.
Basket raffle:
This event is held in conjunction with the Art Show, Art Auction  and Ice Cream Social. This is primarily a fundraising event. Each grade level has a specific theme like sports etc. the children in the grade are asked to donate an item pertaining to the theme. Those items are then placed in baskets and raffled off on the evening of the ice cream social. In addition to the donated items other items are provided by local companies. Volunteers are recruited for the event to help prepare the baskets, place the baskets on the stage the evening of the event, select winners, and distribute the baskets. The volunteers are also used to make the tickets and get them in backpack mail to the students. Tickets are collected and held until the night of the event
Price Chopper’s Tools for Schools and Hannaford Helps:
This very low key fundraiser basically runs itself after a small amount of prep work at the beginning of the school year. The School benefits when people sign up their Advantage Card Numbers and then simply shop at the supermarket. It involves a couple of phone calls to get starter kits sent and distributing a few flyers.
Bake Sales:
Bake sales take place throughout the school year at Jaworek. The coordinator is responsible for collecting donations, setting up a sales table, and selling donations. The bake sales are held at most community building events and at many fundraising events, except for the ice-cream social and Pasta Dinner night.
Papa Gino’s:
This chair is responsible for coordinating the correspondence to the families about the monthly event. Also responsible for working with the manager of the restaurant to ensure they are ready for the families. Papa Gino’s donates 20% of the gross sales connected to Jaworek families/friends.
PTO newsletter:
This is something that can be done completely from home. Articles are collected via e-mail by the 15th of the month and the newsletter is then put together and sent for approval first to the president of the PTO and then to the principal. The principal then forwards it to the print shop at the high school and arranges for it to be e-mailed to families who have opted for that.
School Spirit Food Drive:
This is a community service event. Each month, the children are given the opportunity to dress up based on a theme. On the same day, the children are encouraged to bring in an item for the food pantry. Volunteers are needed to assist in getting the notices copied and sent out each month, collect food the morning of school spirit, and to bring the food to the pantry.
Box Tops for Education:
Jaworek Elementary School participates in the Box Tops for Education program. This is a voluntary program in which schools collect box tops that are found on hundreds of products that are available from your grocery store. Many of these are products you buy everyday! Please clip these Box Tops and save them. Each Box Top is worth 10¢. Twice during the school year, we will ask you to send in all that you have collected. The Box Tops are then counted and submitted to General Mill’s Box Tops for Education. General Mills will then send Jaworek a check worth 10¢ for every box top we submitted. This money is then used to purchase computers, books, and other supplies for our school. 
Keep clipping those Box Tops and we’ll let you know when to send them in! If you’re at Jaworek, there is a cardboard school display in the lobby where you can also submit your Box Tops. Make sure to put your child’s name and room number on any Box Tops you send in. We plan to reward the kids who bring in the most Box Tops with some special prizes!!! For additional information, visit www.boxtops4education.com.  Flyers are sent home via backpack mail as reminders and to announce submission dates.
Copy Center:
This is a service provided to the teachers by the parents. Parents volunteer to come to the copy room at the school and complete various copying and clerical projects. This helps the teachers free up time to focus on class prep and the students.  A schedule of volunteers is posted in the copy room.
Approximately 12 volunteers are needed to staff the copy center.   A direct recruitment campaign needs to take place late spring early fall in order to adequately staff this program.
Cultural Arts:
Cultural Arts are the assembly programs which support the grade level curriculum. The coordinator is responsible for contracting with performers, writing a grant and report, documenting the response to an event, ensuring that performers receive payment. Cultural Arts events take place throughout the school year during the day and are grade level specific. There are 4-5 programs per grade per year.
Jaworek School Gift Cards:
This is a program where gift cards are sold and the PTO receives a percentage of the cost. The percentage varies depending on the business. The chair is responsible for advertising the sale/getting order forms home via backpack mail, collecting the money and getting it to the treasurer and distributing the gift cards to the purchasers.
Teacher Requisitions:
The members of this committee provide a service to the teachers by fulfilling supply orders. Teachers submit requisition forms for their classroom, on the first Tuesday of each month the volunteers fill them. The job takes about 1 –2 hours per month. There is a specific form that is completed by the teachers and then placed in a special mailbox above the teacher mailboxes in the office.
Fourth-Grade Tree Planting:
Each year since Jaworek has reopened after the renovation, the PTO donates a tree to the school in the name of the graduating fourth-grade class. The first few trees were blossoming cherry trees, but they have since been changed to apple trees to honor the fact that the school stands in what were once apple orchards. The logistics are handled by the board, and parents of fourth-grade students are invited to attend the ceremony.
Volunteer/Staff Appreciation Breakfast:
This is usually held during the last week of school. The coordinator is responsible for coordinating and ordering food, juices, and coffee as a thank you to all parent volunteers and staff members.
Media Czar:
This person is responsible for creating and distributing press releases about PTO events to all local media outlets.
Board Positions
President – The president shall preside over and oversee all activities of the association and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. All committee chairs and officers shall report to the president. The president will be on record as a signer for the bank account. He/she is responsible for setting agendas for board and general PTO meetings, running meetings, act as liaison between PTO and principal/vp. Writes letter for newsletter monthly. Reviews newsletter monthly, ensures that events write-ups are submitted.
Vice-President – The vice president shall perform the duties of the president during his/her absence or at his/her request. The vice president shall participate in all decisions concerning actions taken by the officers of the association. The vice president shall assume the office of the president if the president cannot complete his/her term. The vice president shall act as the liaison between the School Council and the PTO to share information and update the council as necessary. The vice president shall take minutes of the meeting if the secretary is not able to attend. The vice president will be on record as signer for the bank accounts in the absence of the president. Is responsible for maintaining and managing the volunteer data base. Also for recruiting volunteers for Math Tutors, Library assistance, Concerts and Field Days.
Secretary – The secretary shall keep complete and accurate minutes of all general meetings of the association and shall provide the general membership with current minutes at each meeting. The secretary will initiate and keep correspondence concerning the business of the association and participate in all decisions concerning actions taken by the officers of the association. Acts as an aid to the President and Vice-President in the planning and preparation of events and annual budget
  • Record general PTO meeting and board meeting minutes and maintain a complete file of all approved minutes
  • Distribute board meeting minutes to board members for consideration
  • Maintain PTO records including samples of misc. flyers & correspondence
  • Advertise monthly meetings
  • Prepare the sign-in sheet
  • Arrange refreshments for monthly meetings
  • Maintain PTO e-mail account
Treasurer – The treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of the association and shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and payments. He/she shall provide an accurate statement of funds at the officers meetings by comparing the current bank statement with the budget. He/she shall have the books of the treasurer ready to be audited by the president quarterly after July1. The treasurer shall participate in all decisions concerning actions taken by the officers of the association. Acts as an aid to the President and Vice-President in the planning and preparation of events and annual budget.
Teacher Liaison – The teacher liaison shall be a member of the teaching staff at Jaworek who will work to ensure improved communication and collaboration between PTO events and teachers. This member provides a voice for teachers and keeps them informed about PTO activities and involvement.
 **All board members should be prepared to attend all board meetings, all general PTO meetings and various events throughout the year.
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